Getting Started — A Guide to Digital Note-Taking with Gospel Library &


(article updated in January 2019)

If you’re anything like me, then daily scripture study is not always an organized affair. I gave up on digging out my beautiful, leather-bound scriptures long, long ago, and my various manuals have long been abandoned. For a long time I felt a little bad about it – like digital scripture study was for the weak. Real men make time for real manuals, or something. But times be changin’! Church members are encouraged to use digital resources, and regard the opportunity as a blessing.

Consider this. Two year ago, in the announcement for 2017 curriculum, teachers were encouraged to use digital materials as much as they can.

Where possible, the Church is encouraging both students and teachers to use digital versions of 2017 curriculum materials, which can be found on and in the Gospel Library mobile app. If you haven’t tried the app, now is a good time to experience the ease of preparing, teaching, and learning from a library of gospel resources that fits in your pocket. 2017 Curriculum Announcement for Children, Youth, and Adults

However, digital resources, while convenient, come with their own challenges. Most notably, those challenges include figuring out how the blazes the apps work. Within this blog I bequeath to you all the knowledge I have gained in my quest to master my account, accompanied by strategies for organization. May the digital studying commence!

What Can Gospel Library and Do?

The great news is, the Gospel Library app and Notes on can handle everything your physical scriptures can handle, plus SOOOO much more. Below you will find links to a series of blogs we’ve written about how to use these tools in your personal scripture study.

Ideas for Getting Started:

Set up Gospel Library to work for you

Note-Taking Strategies

A Glossary of Terms

How To’s:

  1. Mark or highlight selection
  2. Make a note about selection
  3. Tag selection
  4. Add selection to a Notebook
  5. Link to another selection
  6. Copy selection
  7. Share selection
  8. Search for selection
  9. Define selected word
  10. Remove highlight from selection
  11. Manage Bookmarks & Screens, and access browsing history

Advanced Note-taking Techniques and Ideas:

Search Saved Notes

Digital Journaling

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