How to Bookmark — A Guide to Digital Note-Taking with Gospel Library and


(This article was updated January 2019)

Like we discussed in our previous blog, there are four kinds of notes that can be saved in Gospel Library and accounts—Bookmarks, Highlights, Journal Entries, and Links. Here we provide a deeper description of how these notes are made.

How to Use Bookmarks

Library Home (image A)
Bookmarks Tab (image B)
Screens Tab (image C)
History Tab (image D)
Bookmarked Chapter (image E)
Bookmarked verse (image F)

Bookmarks work a little bit differently on the app compared to On Gospel Library the bookmark icon is visible on the standard top menu (top right-hand corner of images A, E, and F), and if you click on that icon you will see a tab that lists all your bookmarks (image B), a tab listing all your open screens (image C), and a tab with your browsing history (image D). You can tell where a bookmark rests because a faint bookmark icon will appear on the left-hand side of the scripture page (see images E & F). This icon can be moved to mark any verse or paragraph in your Gospel Library. Simply bring the paragraph you want to bookmark to the top of your screen, and tap the bookmark icon on the standard top menu. Make sure you’re viewing the bookmarks list (if you are, the word bookmark will be underlined in gold. If not, tap that word and the list will appear below.) Finally click the three little dots to the right of the bookmark you want to move, and select “update” from the menu that appears. You create a new bookmark the same way, but instead of selecting and updating one of your current bookmarks, tap the plus icon in the bottom right-hand corner (from the tab that lists all your bookmarks) and create a new bookmark. This is very useful and powerful stuff.

If you’re logged in on the option to bookmark is available on the black bottom menu. If you click it and hit “save” the button will change to include the bookmark icon on it, and this page will also be bookmarked in your gospel library app. Unfortunately the bookmark functionality is pretty clunky on the website. As far as I can tell, there is no way to update a link, only to make new ones. You can specify a specific verse for your bookmark, but any text that isn’t broken down into verses cannot be bookmarked partway through.

Using the bookmark functionality on


How to Link

Linking can only be done from the Gospel Library app. Begin by highlighting the portion of text you want to link from. With the highlighter cursors on your screen the link option becomes available in the top menu (the option drops down when you click on the three dots). From there search the text you want to link to your highlighted selection and click the gold link icon on the right to create the link. Click the check mark in the top left-hand of your screen when you’re done. Your new link will appear in the footnotes along with any tags you’ve created.That’s all you need to know to save each type of note in your Gospel Library / account. Join us next week for the next blog in our series: “Searching Saved Notes”

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