How To Highlight in Gospel Library & on

How to Highlight

From the Gospel Library app, highlighting is very easy. Gently set your finger on a part of the text you want to highlight and hold it there. After a moment you will see two yellow cursors appear with a highlighted section between them. You might also notice that a box of new options appears near the cursors. With your finger drag one cursor to the beginning of the text you want to highlight, and drag the other to the end. Using the new options box tap “mark”. A default highlight will appear and the icon will change to say “style”. If you tap the Style icon, you will be able to choose the color of your highlight, or choose to underline instead, or change the type to a different color. This way you are able to employ a variety of highlighting systems, and layer different types of highlights on top of each other.

When you’re done highlighting, leave highlight mode by clicking anywhere else on the screen.

Note: Highlighting in Gospel Library leads to several other useful options. For instance, when you’ve selected a text to be highlighted, you may tap the option “Add to” in the floating toolbox that appears with the highlighting cursors. That will allow you to add your highlight to a specific notebook. You can also write notes about your selection, or tag your highlighted text.

From, highlighting is also pretty easy. Let’s say you are reading a general conference talk and find a quote you want to highlight for later. Wherever you are studying you should see a black bar on the bottom of the screen, like the one in the picture below:


Click the underlined “Sign in” and use your LDS account username and password to log in. (This is the same username and password you would use to access FamilySearch.)

Once you’ve logged in, the options on the black bar will become more robust. From here highlighting is easy-peasy. Using your mouse, click and drag a highlight over the words you want to annotate. When you release your click, the highlighting options will appear in a black bubble near your highlighted selection.


If you click on “Add Note/Tag” the black bubble will expand to include more options.


The trashcan or “x” in the upper right will delete your highlight. The top grey box allows you to add a note to the highlight. The second grey box allows you to add a tag. The drop down menu labeled “Add to” lets you pick a journal to associate this highlight to. When you’re finished click “Save.”