How to Link — A Guide to Digital Note-Taking with Gospel Library and

Linking can only be done from the Gospel Library app. It is not currently possible from within the Notes section of However, it can be very useful. It gives you the power to tie scriptures together in a chain, which are then visible to you in the footnotes. So if you’ve got any of those handy scripture chains in your scriptures from way back in seminary, this functionality is there for you!

Begin by highlighting the portion of text you want to link from. With the highlighter cursors on your screen the link option becomes available in a floating menu near your highlight. Click the link icon and from there search the text you want to link to your highlighted selection. When you find the passage you want to link to, tap it and the verse of paragraph will highlight in gold. Add additional passages to that selection by tapping them as well. When finished, tap the check mark in the top right-hand corner to link it, or select the arrow on the top left to search for a different passage. Click the check mark again when you’ve linked to all the passages you want. Your new link will appear in the footnotes along with any tags you’ve created. Join us next week for the next blog in our series: “Searching Saved Notes”

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