How to Manage Notes in Gospel Library & on

In a previous post (called Digital Journaling) we discussed how to use the Church apps to journal. Today we’re discussing the same functionality, but used in a different way.

While the notes sections of Gospel Library and can be used to save journal entries and other loose notes, the same tools can be used to save notes that are attached to scripture verses or quotes. 

Here is an example. In my study this morning I noticed that a certain phrase had begun cropping up right and left. I highlighted the phrase, tagged it, wrote in the notes how frequently that phrase had been repeated, and then saved the note to my personal study journal. 


You can make a note connected to a text in Gospel Library by resting your finger on the text until little colored cursors appear to the left and right of the word your finger rests on. Then drag the little cursors to the beginning and ending of the phrase you want highlighted. You will notice a box appears with the option “Note.” Tap on “Note” or it’s corresponding icon and you will be able to type and title a note. When your note is finished, tap the check-mark in the upper left-hand corner. You will see that your selected text is highlighted and a note icon is floating to the right of it. Tapping that little note icon will display the note you just made.

Making a note connected to a text through is a similar process. First, you must be logged into (using the same credentials you would use to access the family history sites). Then, simply use your cursor to highlight the text you want to reference in your note. A box will appear near your highlight and if you click the words “Add Note/Tag” a text editor will open up on your screen for you to make notes in. Any highlights and notes you make in Gospel Library will nearly instantly become available on and vise versa. Below you can see what that looks like. 

And there you are! How to make lovely notes associated with text in Gospel Library or Check out our next blog, How to Use Tags – Digital Note-Taking in Gospel Library & on

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