Study Plans in Gospel Library: A Picture Guide

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Early this year Gospel Library gained a new, and awesomely useful feature. Since I blog about Gospel Library functionality, I jumped aboard to see how it works, and I found it so useful I now have 6 study plans running consecutively. I don’t know about you, but between my own personal study, my family “Come Follow Me” study, and my Primary lesson”Come Follow Me” study, keeping track of all my various lessons was getting a little unwieldy. Let me show you how study plans solves this problem!

1. Find Study Plans Icon

On the Library page in Gospel Library you will find the new Study Plans icon sits front and center. Tap that icon.

2. Create a New Plan

You can see all the study plans you currently have running on this screen. Also, in the bottom right corner there is a plus icon. Tap that plus to create a new plan.

3. Follow the Guide

As you can see, this new functionality comes with a setup wizard (a special guide to help you through the creation process.) Tap next to begin.

4. Select Content

The first step is required: you must select content to study. I wanted to review all of last conference before general conference this year. Initially I tried searching “General Conference” but that yielded no results, so I tried “October” and as you can see, each October conference populated in descending order. Moral of the story: If at first your search doesn’t succeed, try, try again.

5. Set a Schedule (optional)

By tapping on the grey toggle switch you turn on the ability to determine a schedule for your plan. You don’t have to do this. The next step will show you the options there, but if you’d rather leave it unassigned, tap the “Next button” without touching the toggle switch.

6. Schedule Details.

I wanted a schedule, because I knew I’d have to be organized if I wanted to go through all of conference before the next arrives. I tapped the check-mark box next to daily, which selected every day of the week, and then selected today as the start date, and April 5th as the end date. I did not check-mark the box to split chapters because I wanted to read each talk from beginning to end without stopping in the middle.

7. Add a Reminder (optional)

I knew I wanted to listen to the talks while I cleaned my kitchen. so, I toggled the toggle-switch to schedule a reminder for the time I normally do my kitchen cleaning. If you don’t need a reminder, just click the next button on the screen without touching the toggle switch.

8. Name your Plan

Your plan will default to the name of the content you chose, however you can change it if you would like. When you are happy with the name, tap “create.”

9. See the Magic Unfold!

As you can see, the study plan automatically divides out my chosen content into sections, showing me how much I need to go through in order to finish my study on time. So useful! There is also a check-mark circle next to each talk/chapter, allowing me to check off what I’ve completed. You can also open up the content listed here by tapping on it.

10. See your progress!

Back on the main Study Plans page, you will see a progress tracker. Each time you check something off within your study plan, your progress tracker will show you what percentage of your goal you have completed. So satisfying!

This new functionality not only organizes my various study plans, but acts as a gateway, making it easy for me to find and open the chapters I need to read each day without having to dig up the proper screen, or tunnel through to the content from scratch. Hope you love it as much as I do!

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