Get Creative

For scripture study masters, one way to keep study exciting is to use it as a base for creating something new. Here we offer a number of opportunities and ideas for making your study a little bit more creative.

1. Write a Paper – We are always looking for people to write about spiritual things they’ve learned. We invite you to try your hand at writing a paper, and if you do, please submit it to us here.

2. Create your own Gospel Course – There are more Gospel Materials to curate than our team can do alone. Create your own course (based off of free materials available on church websites) and share your course with us!

3. Create a Work of Art – Good art has a message at its heart. Often the message has more detail and background than the work itself can communicate. We love to post original spiritual artwork with artist descriptions of their process, symbolism, and background. Share yours with us.

4. Write a Speech – Speeches have played a significant role in the growth of religion throughout the years. Have you ever felt the urge to write a speech on a religious topic? Have you ever been invited to give a speech that you felt particularly proud of? Share your speeches with us here.

5. Write a Hymn – Music is a fundamental element of worship and can bring great comfort. It is no accident that Joseph Smith called for a hymn soon before his martyrdom, as did Jesus Christ before His walk to Gethsemane. The aggressive study and thought that are required of a composer lead to great insight and spiritual growth. We would love to see and hear any original compositions you are willing to share with us, send a recording of the song’s performance along with a description of the spiritual growth your song represents to you.

6. Do a Gospel Craft – Sometimes a person just gets the urge to make something. Have you completed a craft with spiritual meaning for you? Share your craft with us here.

7. Start a Digital Scripture Study Journal – Check out our Guide to Digital Note-taking to kickstart your digital study journal through Gospel Library or your account.

8. Rework an Existing Piece of Music – Write your own verse, or create a medley of spiritual songs. Send us a recording of your performance and a write-up of your thought process.