Righteousness and Strife

Scriptures: Ether 7 & 8

Ether 6–11 “That Evil May Be Done Away”

Righteous leaders bless the people they lead.

What is a secret combination?

Unit 30: Day 3, Ether 7–11

Corihor seizes the kingdom from his father, his brother Shule regains it, and prophets condemn the wickedness of the people

Jared and then Akish become kings of the Jaredites through secret combinations

Chapter 51: Ether 6–10

Strife Entered the Kingdom

Geographical Insight from Moroni

King Shule’s People Heeded the Prophets’ Warnings

Prophets and Their Messages Are Frequently Rejected

Secret Combinations among the Jaredites

Characteristics of Secret Combinations

Satan Deceives and Is “the Father of All Lies”

Satan’s Power Can Be Thwarted by Righteousness

A Steady, Reassuring Voice – Elder Robert D. Hales (0:41)

Secret Combinations Destroy Civilizations – Elder M. Russell Ballard ( 0:53)

General Conference

Called of God – Elder Tom Perry – Oct 2002