“Seek Ye Earnestly the Best Gifts”

Individuals and Families.

All earnest seekers are welcome to worship in the Lord’s Church.

God has given spiritual gifts to bless His children.

The Lord wants His Church to keep a history.


I can help others feel welcome at church.

Heavenly Father blesses me with His gifts.


Heavenly Father gives me spiritual gifts to bless others.

I can record my history.

I can help others by sharing what I have been given.

Sunday School

We should welcome all to Jesus Christ’s Church.

We should welcome all to Jesus Christ’s Church.

The Holy Ghost can direct us as we fulfill our callings.

Religious Enthusiasm among early Ohio Converts


Arrival of the First Missionaries

The Second Great Awakening

Strange Spiritual Manifestations

Joseph Smith’s Arrival

The Book of John Whitmer


John Whitmer as Historian and Recorder

What Became of John Whitmer and His History?

Leman Copley and the Shakers

General Conference Talks:

Teach Them the Word of God with All Diligence – L. Tom Perry, April 1999 Conference

I’ll Walk with You, Children’s Songbook p. 140