Free Study Courses

Pick a course and dive into a diverse series of bite-sized study prompts. Curated from the vast materials available on, each prompt is designed to be brief, memorable, and pack a spiritual punch.

Come Follow Me 2021

This course is set up differently from the other courses below. Instead of having 1 study prompt for each day, each prompts offers a variety of possible study materials for each week, correlated with the Come Follow Me manuals. Each prompt gives you one place to reference topics and scriptures discussed in the Primary, Sunday School, and Individual & Family manuals for that week. The reference page for each week also includes related chapters in Saints, Revelations in Context, church videos, Conference talks, and Hymns.

Length: There is one prompt per week, with enough material to study 20 minutes or more a day.

Study Ideas: Use Study Plans in the Gospel Library app to keep track of materials you would like to study from each week’s prompts.

 The Life of Christ

This course covers the life of Christ. It focuses on the scripture within the four Gospels, and clarifies those scriptures with the help of an Institute Manual, Jesus the Christ, and the Bible Videos.

Length: This course contains 95 study prompts which should each take 20-40 minutes to complete.

Study Ideas: Begin about December 1st to cover Christ’s birth by Christmas and Christ’s Resurrection by Easter.


The Book of Mormon

This course covers the Book of Mormon from beginning to end. It focuses on the Book of Mormon Student Manual and video clips from General Conference, as well as the text of the Book of Mormon itself. The new Book of Mormon videos will be added as they are released.

Length: This course contains nearly 200 prompts which should take about 30 minutes each to complete.

Study Ideas: The Book of Mormon Student Manuel includes journal questions on each chapter’s subject matter. We have included these questions as Journal Prompts within each prompt. Some of them could require a lot of thought and work to fully complete. We suggest studying the texts one day and coming back to complete the more intense Journal entries the next day. If done this way, a reader should still be able to complete the whole Book of Mormon in less than a year.

Teachings of the Latter-day Prophets

This course covers the lives and teachings of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the First Presidency.

Length: This course is free-form. It would likely take several days to get through the material listed for each individual.

Study Ideas: Use this course to prepare the month before Conference begins. This course could also be used to review conference in the months following.