The Book of Mormon

Come Follow Me: Dec 30–Jan 5


Title Page


Come Follow Me: Jan 6–12

Meet Nephi

Keep the Commandments

Go and Do


Sons Return 


Come Follow Me: Jan 13-19

Tree of Life

Lehi Prophesies

Come Follow Me: Jan 20-26

Nephi Sees

Nephi’s Sees Part 2

Nephi’s Sees Part 3

Nephi’s Sees Part 4

Come Follow Me: Jan 27-Feb 2



Journey to the Promised Land


Refiners Fire

Mothers and Fathers

Come Follow Me: Feb 3-9

Lehi’s Last Blessings

Connections between Points of Doctrine

Joseph of Egypt

Family and Scripture

The Division

Come Follow Me: Feb 10-16

Meet Jacob

The Atonement Taught Part I

The Atonement Taught Part II

Scattered and Gathered

Come Follow Me: Feb 17-23

Witnesses of the Savior

Compare Isaiah 3 & 4

Compare Isaiah 5 & 6

Compare Isaiah 7 & 8

Compare Isaiah 9 & 10

Compare Isaiah 11, 12 & 13

Isaiah 14 & Nephi’s Response

Come Follow Me: Feb 24-Mar 1

Nephi Foresees

A Marvelous Work


Two Nations

Come Follow Me: Mar 2-8

The First Principles

Angels Speak

Come Follow Me: Mar 9-15

Nephi’s End

Jacob Lays Law

The Pure in Heart


Come Follow Me: Mar 16-22

Olive Tree

Olive Tree Part II


Come Follow Me: Mar 23-29


Jarom & Omni

Words of Mormon

Come Follow Me: Mar 30-Apr 12

Come Follow Me: Apr 13-19

New Scripture

King Benjamin’s Sermon Part I

King Benjamin’s Sermon Part 2

Come Follow Me: Apr 20-26

King Benjamin’s Sermon Part 3

King Benjamin’s Sermon Part 4

Come Follow Me: Apr 27-May 3 

Finding King Limhi

The Record of Zeniff

Come Follow Me: May 4-10 

King Noah

Abinadi’s Teachings Part I

Abinadi’s Teachings Part II

Abinadi’s Teachings Part III

Alma and Abinadi

Come Follow Me: May 11-17

The Waters of Mormon

The End of King Noah

Limhi Meets Ammon

Alma Becomes High Priest

Burdens Lightened

Come Follow Me: May 18-24

Mosiah and Alma Combine

The Church Confronts Sin

Alma the Younger

Missionary Work

Come Follow Me: May 25-31

The Voice of the People


War Among the Nephites

Blessings and Curses

Come Follow Me: June 1-7

Alma Preaches

Zarahemla Church Cleansed

Come Follow Me: June 8-14 


Alma and Amulek


Alma Speaks to Zeezrom

Come Follow Me: June 15-21

The Priesthood


Zeezrom Healed

Come Follow Me: June 22-28

Ammon and the Sons of Mosiah

King Lamoni

Lamoni Sees

Lamoni’s Father

Come Follow Me: June 29-July 5


Lamanite Aggression

Ammon’s Song

A New Home

Alma Glories

Come Follow Me: July 6-12


Alma’s Answer

The Zoramites

Come Follow Me: July 13-19

Alma Teaches the Rejected

Alma Teaches Part II

Amulek Testifies

Come Follow Me: July 20-26

Alma Counsels Helaman

Alma Counsels Helaman Part II

**Needs to be split** Alma Counsels Shiblon and Corianton

Come Follow Me: Jul 27-Aug 2

Alma Clarifies Gospel for Corianton

Alma Clarifies Gospel for Corianton Part 2

Come Follow Me: Aug 3-9

War Sets In

Helaman and Moroni

Title of Liberty

Amalickiah’s Treachery

Lamanite Offensive

Moroni’s Fortifications

The King-men

Nephites Victorious

Come Follow Me: Aug 10-16

2000 Stripling Warriors

Miraculous Power

None Slain

Taking Manti

Moroni and Pahoran

Pahoran Explains

Come Follow Me: Aug 17-23

The Rise of the Gadianton Robbers


War Arises again

Nephi and Lehi

Righteous Lamanites

Come Follow Me: Aug 24-30

Nephi Prays

The Murder of the Chief Judge

The Murderer is Caught

Sealing Power

Prophets Pray

Natural Men

Come Follow Me: Aug 31-Sept 6

Samuel the Lamanite

Samuel Testifies

Samuel Prophesies Trouble

Come Follow Me: Sept 7-13

A New Star

Gadianton Robbers

Gadianton Robbers Defeated

Nephites Repent and Prosper

Chief Judge Murdered

Come Follow Me: Sept 14-20

Signs of the Crucifixion

Voice in the Dark

Jesus Christ Appears

Come Follow Me: Sept 21-27

Christ Teaches the New Law Part 1

Christ Teaches the New Law Part 2

Christ Teaches the New Law Part 3

Christ Teaches the New Law Part 4

Christ Teaches the New Law Part 5

Christ Teaches the Gathering of Israel Part 1

Come Follow Me: 28-Oct 11

Christ Teaches, Blesses, and Heals

Christ Teaches the Sacrament

Christ Teaches Prayer Part 1

Christ Teaches Prayer, Part 2

Come Follow Me: Oct 12-18

Jesus Teaches the Gathering of Israel, Part 2

Jesus Teaches the Gathing of Israel, Part 3

Jesus Teaches about Zion

Jesus Teaches about the Second Coming, Part 1

Jesus Teaches about the Second Coming, Part 2

Jesus Teaches All Things

Come Follow Me: Oct 19-25

Jesus Teaches How to Become like Him

The Three Nephites

Mormon’s Commentary

Fourth Nephi, Part 1

Fourth Nephi, Part 2

Come Follow Me: Oct 26-Nov 1

Ammaron and Mormon



Come Follow Me: Nov 2-8

Mormon Looks to the Future

The Future of the Book of Mormon

Moroni Testifies

Come Follow Me: Nov 9-15

The Record of the Jaredites

Preparing for the Journey

The Finger of the Lord

Sealed Up

Come Follow Me: Nov 16-22


Righteousness and Strife


Wickedness dominates

Come Follow Me: Nov 23-29

Faith Moves Mountains

New Jerusalem

The End of the Jaradites

Come Follow Me: Nov 30 – Dec 6

Ordinance Part 1

Ordinance Part 2

Ordinance Part 3

Come Follow Me: Dec 7-13

Every Good Thing

Faith, Hope, and Charity

Meekness and Lowliness of Heart

The Second Epistle of Mormon to Moroni

Come Follow Me: Dec 14-20

Moroni’s Promise

Moroni Concludes

Come Follow Me: Dec 21-27

Our Pre-mortal Savior

Christmas Prophesied in Jerusalem

Christmas Prophesied in America

Christmas Day in Jerusalem

Christmas day in America

A Baby Born to Redeem All Mankind

Another Testament of Jesus Christ