102. The Zoramites


Scriptures: Alma 31

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 29: Alma 30–31

The Zoramites’ False Theology

The Power of the Word

Avoiding the Causes of Apostasy

Apostate Zoramites

Alma’s Prayer in Behalf of the Zoramites

Comfort in Afflictions



 Finding the Lamb of God – President Boyd K. Packer (0:46)


Journal Prompt: 

 Alma seemed to be motivated to reclaim the Zoramites out of love of God and love of the Zoramites. How can we develop this same kind of love?

How was Alma’s prayer different from the Zoramites’ prayer? In what ways might our prayers be similar to the Zoramites’ prayers? (see Alma 31:15–18). How might they be similar to Alma’s prayers? (see Alma 31:30–35).

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