104. Alma Teaches Part II


Scriptures: Alma 32:28-43 & 33

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 30: Alma 32–35

Experimenting on the Word of God Brings Conversion

“Give Place, That a Seed May Be Planted” and Begin to Grow

“It Beginneth to Be Delicious to Me”

“O Then, Is Not This Real?”

Nourish the Word

Being a Disciple of Christ

False Doctrines of the Zoramites

Hearts Drawn Out in Prayer Continually

A Type of Christ Was Raised in the Wilderness


Journal Prompt: 

 Create a detailed outline of Alma’s teachings on the development of faith from Alma 32. Show how faith is nourished from hope to perfect knowledge and what role the word of God plays in this process.

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