105. Amulek Testifies


Scriptures: Alma 34 & 35

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 30: Alma 32–35

The Atonement of Jesus Christ Is Infinite and Eternal

“Every Whit Pointing to That Great and Last Sacrifice”

“Faith unto Repentance”

“Mercy Can Satisfy the Demands of Justice”

“Do Not Procrastinate the Day of Your Repentance”

That Same Spirit Will Possess Us

The Nephite-Lamanite Wars Recorded in Alma 43–62



The Atonement of Jesus Christ is Infinite and Eternal – Elder Russell M. Nelson (1:09)

Someday – President Henry B. Eyring (1:05)


Journal Prompt: 

In what ways might a person’s heart be “full, drawn out in prayer” continually to the Lord? (Alma 34:27).

Why was Jesus Christ the only one who could make an infinite atonement?

Using the instructions on prayer in Alma 33–34, identify specific ways that your prayers could become more productive.

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