110. Alma Clarifies Gospel for Corianton Part 2


Scriptures: Alma 41 & 42

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 32: Alma 40–42

The Law of Restoration

“Wickedness Never Was Happiness”

“A Probationary Time”

The Laws of Justice and Mercy

Remorse of Conscience

“The Atonement Bringeth to Pass the Resurrection”



Wickedness Never Was Happiness – Elder Richard G. Scott (1:15)

The Demands of Justice – Elder Dallin H. Oaks (1:29)


Journal Prompt: 

Why can wickedness never lead to happiness? Why does it sometimes seem that wicked people are happy?

What must we do to have the Savior’s Atonement applied in our behalf?

How does the law of justice work in your favor?

How does the law of mercy work in your favor?

Prepare and if possible deliver a short talk on the spirit world using two or more references from Alma 40–42.

Write a brief definition or explanation for each of the following: the law of restoration, the law of justice, the law of mercy.

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