135. Natural Men


Scriptures: Helaman 12

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 36: Helaman 5–9

The Unsteadiness of Men

When God Prospers His People, They Forget Him

“Set Their Hearts upon the Vain Things of the World!”

“Quick to Be Lifted Up in Pride”

The Nothingness of Man

Knowledge of Astronomy

Repentance Leads Us to Christ’s Grace



The Cure for Forgetting God – President Henry B. Eyring (1:33)

The Lord Chastens His People to Stir Them Up in Remembrance of Him – Elder Glenn L. Pace (1:05)

Repentance Leads Us To Christ’s Grace, 1 – Elder Bednar (1:22)

Repentance Leads us to Christ’s Grace, 2 –  Elder Gene R. Cook (1:03)


Journal Prompt: 

What steps are you taking to avoid the pride cycle in your life?

Share in a family home evening what you have learned from Helaman 12–14 about how and why the Lord chastens His children.

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