158. Jesus Teaches the Gathing of Israel, Part 3


Scriptures: 3 Nephi 20:35-46, 3 Nephi 21

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 44: 3 Nephi 20–22

God Will Make Bare His Holy Arm

“Put on Thy Strength” and “Loose Thyself from the Bands of Thy Neck”

“How Beautiful upon the Mountains”

“Be Ye Clean That Bear the Vessels of the Lord”

The Latter-day Gathering of Israel



The Book of Mormon Gathers Scattered Israel – Elder Russell M. Nelson (1:31)


Journal Prompt: 

Create a plan on how to make the sacrament more meaningful in your daily life. Share your plan with someone who could help you accomplish your goal.

Make a list of at least three activities you could do to assist in the gathering of Israel in these latter days.

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