Nephi Foresees

Scriptures: 2 Nephi 26

For Individuals and Families:

“A Marvelous Work and a Wonder

Jesus Christ invites all to come unto Him.

What is the book mentioned in these chapters?

Seminary Student Manual: Unit 8: Day 1 – 2 Nephi 26–27


Nephi prophesies concerning the last days and invites all to come unto Christ

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 12: 2 Nephi 25–27

“The Spirit of the Lord Will Not Always Strive with Man”

Speech Out of the Dust

“He Leadeth Them by the Neck with a Flaxen Cord”

The Sin of Priestcraft

“He Inviteth Them All to Come unto Him”

General Conference:

The Book of Mormon: What Would Your Life Be Like Without It – President M. Russell Ballard

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