45. The First Principles


Scriptures: 2 Nephi 31

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 14: 2 Nephi 31–33


“The Doctrine of Christ”

“He Having Set the Example Before Them”

“Full Purpose of Heart, Acting No Hypocrisy”

“The Baptism of Fire”

The Voice of the Father

“Endure to the End”

Baptism Is the Gate

Press Forward

“Feast upon the Words of Christ”


Journal Prompt: 

 Why is pressing forward an important part of enduring to the end?

After reading the commentary in this chapter, evaluate your own habits of personal scripture study and prayer. Do they qualify as feasting upon the words of Christ and as praying always? (see 2 Nephi 32:3, 9). Make the necessary adjustments to your scripture study to bring it more into alignment with Nephi’s teachings.

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