Nephi’s End

Scriptures: Jacob 1

Jacob 1–4 Be Reconciled unto God through the Atonement of Christ

The Lord wants me to magnify my calling.

Unit 9: Day 3Jacob 1–2


Jacob warns the people of their wickedness

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 15: Jacob 1–4


Jacob’s Purpose in Writing

Nephi and the Reign of the Nephite Kings

What Is a Concubine?

“Consecrated Priests and Teachers”

“We Did Magnify Our Office unto the Lord”

1 Nephi through Omni (2:28)

The Awfulness of Sin and Terror That Follows – President Harold B. Lee (0:43)

The Needs before Us – By Bonnie L. Oscarson, Oct 2017

Lord, I Would Follow Thee – Hymnal p. 220

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