52. Olive Tree Part II


Scriptures: Jacob 5:41-77 & Jacob 6

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 16: Jacob 5–7

“What Could I Have Done More for My Vineyard?”

Develop Spiritual Roots

“Labor with Our Might This Last Time”

“Lake of Fire and Brimstone”



Nethermost Parts of the Vineyard (1:15)

All Fruit of the Vineyard is Corrupt (1:19)

What Can I Say More? – Elder M. Russell Ballard (2:28)


Journal Prompt: 

President Joseph Fielding Smith said, “Today Latter-day Saints are going to all parts of the world as servants in the vineyard to gather this fruit and lay it in store for the time of the coming of the Master” (Answers to Gospel Questions, 4:142). In addition to missionary work, how can you assist the Lord in gathering fruit?

Record in your journal gospel principles you have identified in Zenos’s allegory (see Jacob 5). Compare them to the gospel principles Jacob emphasized in Jacob 6:3–13.

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