55. Jarom & Omni


Scriptures: Jarom 1 & Omni 1

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 17: Enos–Words of Mormon

“They Profaned Not; Neither Did They Blaspheme”

“Believe in Him to Come as Though He Already Was”

Three Separate Civilizations in the Record

King Benjamin Received the Small Plates

“Offer Your Whole Souls as an Offering unto Him”



 Apply the Teachings of Christ – Elder Russell M. Nelson (2:09)

Whole Soul unto God –  Elder David A. Bednar  (0:54)


Journal Prompt: 

 Using the story of the 116 lost pages as an example, prepare a short lesson that teaches about the omniscience of God and His ability to bring about His purposes.

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