56. Words of Mormon


Scriptures: Words of Mormon 1

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 17: Enos–Words of Mormon

Words of Mormon. A Bridge between the Small and Large Plates of Nephi

“The Lord Knoweth All Things Which Are to Come”

Amaleki Delivered the Plates to King Benjamin



 Omni through Alma 27 (Segment 2) (2:00)


Journal Prompt: 

The language of the people of Zarahemla had become corrupted because they had no records. How do records and language help us grow spiritually?

What examples have you seen of the foreknowledge of God demonstrated in the events of your life? (see commentary for Words of Mormon 1:7 on page 134)

Study and discuss with a friend what “sharp” counsel we have received from modern prophets to warn us of spiritual danger (see commentary for Enos 1:23; Words of Mormon 1:17 on page 132)

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