58. King Benjamin’s Sermon Part I

Scriptures: Mosiah 2

Mosiah 1–3 “Filled with Love towards God and All Men”

Receiving the word of God requires preparation.

When I serve others, I am also serving God.

Unit 11: Day 1 Words of Mormon–Mosiah 2

The Nephites gather to hear King Benjamin’s words

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 18: Mosiah 1–3


“Indebted unto Him”

Your Body “Belongeth to Him Who Created You”

Willfully Rebelling against God

King Benjamin Teaches about Serving God (4:18)

King Benjamin Encourages People to Keep the Commandments of God (3:02)

Service That Counts – President Thomas S. Monson (1:51)

In the Service of Your God –  President Marion G. Romney (1:39)

Unprofitable Servants – Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin (0:50)

The Sacred Call of Service – By President Thomas S. Monson, April 2005

Service, a Divine Quality – By Elder Carlos H. Amado, April 2008

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