79. Nehor


Scriptures: Alma 1

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 23: Alma 1–4


Book of Alma

Nehor Taught That a “Teacher Ought to Become Popular”


Gideon “Was an Instrument in the Hands of God”

What Is an Ignominious Death?

Capital Punishment

Enduring Persecution

“The Priests Left Their Labor to Impart the Word of God”

The Affairs of the Church Established

Dress and Appearance



Nehor Taught that a “Teacher Ought to Become Popular” – Elder Dallin H. Oaks (0:59)


Journal Prompt: 

 Why do you think the Book of Mormon repeatedly warns against wearing “costly apparel” (Alma 1:6, 27, 32) and focusing on material possessions? What are some current styles, fashions, or trends that Latter-day Saints should avoid?

Compare Alma 1:3–6, 16–20 to Alma 31:12–29 and make a list of the similarities. Why did Nehor’s teachings and the apostate Zoramite’s religion appeal to so many?

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