82. Alma Preaches


Scriptures: Alma 5

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 24: Alma 5–7


“The Chains of Hell”

A “Mighty Change in Your Hearts”

“Born of God”

“The Image of God Engraven upon Your Countenances”

“Garments … Cleansed from All Stain”

Being “Stripped of Pride”

Being “Stripped of Envy”

“The Spirit of Revelation”

“Vain Things of the World”

“Come Ye Out from the Wicked … and Be Ye Separate”



A Mighty Change of Heart – Elder Russell M. Nelson (0:54)


Journal Prompt: 

Even after seeing an angel, Alma still had to repent, exercise faith in Jesus Christ, and put forth great effort to obtain his testimony. How does Alma 5:45–48 describe the process by which Alma obtained knowledge of “the Son, the Only Begotten of the Father”?

Alma asked over 40 questions in chapter 5. Read the questions Alma asked, and choose one of them to answer by writing a paragraph that includes your understanding, feelings, or insights about the subject of the question.

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