Scriptures: Ether 6

Ether 6–11 “That Evil May Be Done Away”

The Lord will lead me toward my promised land.

The Lord blesses me when I am humble.

Unit 30: Day 2, Ether 6

The Lord drives the Jaredite barges by the wind to the promised land

The Jaredites teach their children to walk humbly before the Lord

Chapter 51: Ether 6–10


“Give Light unto Men, Women, and Children”

The Jaredites Commended Themselves to the Lord

“Sing Praises unto the Lord”

Tender Mercies

“They Were Taught to Walk Humbly before the Lord”

“Taught from on High”

General Conference

Holy Scriptures: The Power of God unto Our Salvation – Elder Robert Hales – Oct 2006

Book of Mormon Stories – Children’s Songbook