Faith, Hope, and Charity

Scriptures: Moroni 7: 27-48

Moroni 7–9 “May Christ Lift Thee Up”

“Charity is the pure love of Christ.”

Unit 32: Day 1 Moroni 7:20-48

Mormon teaches about faith in Jesus Christ

Mormon teaches about hope

Mormon teaches about charity

Chapter 54: Moroni 7


Ministering Angels

Faith in Jesus Christ


“Meek, and Lowly of Heart”

Faith, Hope, and Charity

Charity: The Pure Love of Christ

Pray “with All the Energy of Heart”

Charity: The Pure Love of Christ – Elder Oaks (0:36)

Pure Love of Christ – Elder Holland (2:07)

General Conference

Kindness, Charity, and Love – By President Thomas S. Monson – Apr 2017

Try, Try, Try – By President Henry Eyring – October 2018

The Infinite Power of Hope – President Dieter F. Uchtdorf – Oct 2008

Jesus Once Was a Little Child – Children’s Songbook