Mormon Looks to the Future

Scriptures: Mormon 7; Mormon 8:1-11

Mormon 7–9 “I Speak unto You As If Ye Were Present”

I must believe in Jesus Christ and “lay hold” upon His gospel.

Unit 28, Day 4, Mormon 7:1–8:11

In Mormon’s final testimony, he exhorts the remnant of the Lamanites to believe in Jesus Christ and follow His gospel

Moroni writes of the death of his father, the destruction of his people, and his remaining alone

Chapter 49: Mormon 7-9

Counsel to the Remnant of Israel in the Latter Days

“Ye Are of the House of Israel”

Mormon’s Final Plea to Believe in Christ

The Book of Mormon and the Bible Support Each Other


General Conference Talks

Repentance: A Joyful Choice – Elder Dale Renlund – Oct, 2016

The Way – Elder Corbridge – Oct. 2008

I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus – Children’s Songbook