Moroni’s Promise

Scriptures: Moroni 10:1-19

Moroni 10: “Come unto Christ, and Be Perfected in Him”

I can know the truth by the power of the Holy Ghost.

“Deny not the gifts of God.”

Unit 32: Day 3, Moroni 10:1–7, 27–29

Moroni exhorts us to obtain a testimony of the Book of Mormon and of Jesus Christ

Chapter 56: Moroni 10


“When Ye Shall Read These Things”

Receiving a Testimony of the Book of Mormon

“With Real Intent”

Gifts of the Spirit

How Can We Experience Gifts of the Spirit?

Test Moroni’s Promise – Elder Richard G. Scott (2:43)

Gifts of the Spirit Come to the Obedient – Elder Uchtdorf (1:17)

“I Have a Work for Thee” – Elder John C. Pingree Jr., Oct 2017 Conference

The Immediate Goodness of God – Elder Kyle S. McKay, Apr 2019 Conference

Testimony – Hymnal