Ordinances Part 1

Scriptures: Moroni 1, 2, & 3

Moroni 1–6 “To Keep Them in the Right Way”

Disciples of Jesus Christ remain faithful despite opposition.

Unit 31: Day 2, Moroni 1–5

Moroni wanders for the safety of his life and continues his writings

Moroni records instructions on conferring the gift of the Holy Ghost

Moroni records instructions on ordaining individuals to priesthood offices

Chapter 53: Moroni 1–6 



The Book of Mormon to Be of Great Worth

The Nephite “Disciples” Were Apostles

The Importance of Ordinances in the Church of Jesus Christ

Ordained “to Be a Priest” or a Teacher

Ordained “by the Power of the Holy Ghost”

I, Moroni, Will Not Deny the Christ – Sister Susan W. Tanner (0:57)

I, Moroni – Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin (2:34)

General Conference

What Have You Done With My Name? by Mervyn B. Arnold of the Seventy