The Finger of the Lord

Scriptures: Ether 3

Ether 1–5 “Rend That Veil of Unbelief”

I am created in God’s image.

Was the brother of Jared the first person to see the Lord?

Unit 29, Day 4, Ether 3

The Lord touches stones to provide light for the Jaredite barges, and He shows Himself to the brother of Jared

The Lord commands the brother of Jared to write the things he saw and to seal up his record

Chapter 50: Ether 1–5

“Behold, O Lord, Thou Canst Do This”

“Never Have I Showed Myself unto Man”

Two Stones of King Mosiah

General Conference

Finding Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ – By Elder Robert Hales – Oct 2004

“Lest Ye Be Wearied and Faint in Your Minds” – Elder Neal Maxwell – Apr 1991