The Life of Christ

See the life of Christ unfold each day as you study through Bible Videos, the corresponding set of scripture verses, and clarifying reference material from manuals on Click on the title of each prompt below to explore the corresponding daily lesson plan.

  1. Why study the Life of Christ?
  2. The Authors of the Gospels
  3. A Historical Preface to the New Testament
  4. Jesus and the Universe
  5. Jesus’ Condition and Scope
  6. His Mission
  7. Jesus Christ, the Creator
  8. The Great Council in Heaven
  9. Signs of Christ
  10. Zacharias Learns of John
  11. Mary Sees Gabriel
  12. Mary visits Elisabeth
  13. The Birth of John
  14. Jesus’s Birth Revealed to Joseph
  15. Mary and Joseph Travel
  16. Shepherds in their fields
  17. The Nativity
  18. The Family History of the Lord
  19. Jesus Christ’s Baby Blessing
  20. Wise Men Seek Him
  21. Jesus Grows Up
  22. John the Baptist
  23. John the Baptist continued
  24. The Baptism of Jesus
  25. Jesus Communes in the Wilderness
  26. Apostles and Wedding Wine
  27. Jesus’ Home Land
  28. The First Passover of Jesus’ Ministry
  29. Nicodemus’ Interveiw and John Imprisoned
  30. The Woman at the Well
  31. Jesus Rejected
  32. Calling Recieved by Peter, Andrew, James, & John
  33. Preaching and Healing
  34. Healing and Fasting
  35. Jesus’ 2nd Year
  36. The Sabbath Day
  37. Calling the Twelve
  38. The Sermon on the Mount, Part 1
  39. The Sermon on the Mount, Part 2
  40. The Sermon on the Mount, Part 3
  41. Healings in Galilee
  42. A Question from John
  43. A House Divided
  44. Calming Storms
  45. Raising Dead and Dying Women
  46. The Wheat and the Tares
  47. Good Ground
  48. The Twelve Go Forth
  49. The Twelve Return
  50. Jesus Begins the 3rd year of His Ministry
  51. Feeding 5,000
  52. Walking on Water
  53. Bread of Life
  54. Traveling Galilee
  55. Feeding the 4000
  56. Peter’s Testimony
  57. The Mount of Transfiguration
  58. Discourses of Christ
  59. The Feast of Tabernacles
  60. The Woman Taken in Adultery
  61. The Good Shepherd
  62. The Good Samaritan
  63. The Two Commandments
  64. Seek the Kingdom of God
  65. Parables and Travel
  66. The Return of the Lost
  67. Message Received
  68. Lazarus is Raised
  69. Become as little Children
  70. The Rich Young Ruler
  71. Seeking Perfection
  72. The Last Week
  73. The First Day
  74. The Second Day
  75. The Third day
  76. Parables on the Third Day
  77. Parables on the Third Day cont.
  78. The Third Day: Jesus Laments
  79. The Third Day: Olivet Discourse
  80. The Third Day: The Ten Virgins
  81. The Third-Fifth Day: Preparing for the Last Supper
  82. The Fifth Day: The Last Supper
  83. The Fifth Day: The Prince of This World Cometh
  84. The Fifth Day: My Peace I Give Unto You
  85. The Fifth Day: Gethsemane
  86. The Sixth Day: Betrayed & Arrested
  87. The Sixth Day: Denied & Tried
  88. The Sixth Day: Sentenced
  89. The Sixth Day: On the Cross
  90. The Sixth Day: Finished
  91. The Post-Mortal Ministry
  92. The Tomb is Open
  93. Rumors of Resurrection
  94. Appears unto Peter
  95. Appears unto Apostles