47. Good Ground


Scriptures: Mark 4:1-34; Luke 8:4-18; Matthew 13:34-58; Mark 6:1-6


The Life and Teachings of Jesus and the Apostles: Chapter 10 “He Spake Many Things unto Them in Parables

Section 10-14 “The Pattern of a Householder Bringing Forth Things Old and New”

Section 10-15 “What Was the Significance of the Second Rejection at Nazareth?”

Section 10-16 “Those Who Have Ears to Hear Will Hear”

Section 10-17 “The Wayside Soil”

Section 10-18 “The Stony Places”

Section 10-19 “Among Thorns”

Section 10-20 “Good Ground”


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The Kingdom of Heaven (1:49)

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