54. Traveling Galilee


Scriptures: Matthew 14:34-36; 15:1-29; Mark 6:53-56; 7:1-37; John 7:1


The Life and Teachings of Jesus and the Apostles: Chapter 13 “That Which Defiles a Man”


Section 13-1 “Those Whose Hearts Are Pure Can Draw Down the Powers of Heaven”

Section 13-2 “Those Whose Hearts Are Impure Are Offended by Spiritual Truth”

Section 13-3 “Who Were the Scribes?”

Section 13-4 “What Were the Numerous Washings Required by Jewish Custom?”

Section 13-5 “What Was ‘Corban’?”

Section 13-6 “Who Are the ‘Plants’ That ‘Shall Be Rooted Up’?”

Section 13-7 “What Is Meant by ‘a Woman of Canaan’?

Section 13-8 “Who Were the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel?”

Section 13-9 “What Are the ‘Dogs’ Spoken of in Matthew 15:26?”

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