77. The Third Day: Parables cont.


Scriptures: Matthew 22:15-46; Mark 12:18-34; Luke 20:19-40


The Life and Teachings of Jesus and the Apostles: Chapter 21 “Woe unto You… Hypocrites!” 

Section 21-5 “What Efforts Were Made to Tempt Jesus into an Act or Statement Contrary to Jewish or Roman Law?”

Section 21-6 “What Are Hypocrites?”

Section 21-7 “How Did Jesus Avoid the Dilemma Posed in the Tribute Money Incident?”

Section 21-8 “Is There to Be Marriage in the Resurrected State?”

Section 21-13 “Hypocrisy Is One of the Worst Forms of Dishonesty”

Section 21-14 “Hypocrisy, like Cancer, Can Grow until It Overcomes Us”


The Greatest Commandment (1:52)

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