80. The Third Day: The Ten Virgins


Scriptures: JST Matthew 24:28-5525:1-46; Mark 13:28-37; Luke 21:29-36


The Life and Teachings of Jesus and the Apostles: Chapter 22 “What Shall Be the Sign of Thy Coming?” 

Section 22-7 “What Did the Prophet Joseph Tell Us of the Time of the Second Coming and of the Sign of the Son of Man?”

Section 22-8 “Why Is It That One Is Destroyed and the Other Left Alone When the Lord Returns?”

Section 22-9 “The Faithful and Wise Servant”

Section 22-10 “What Is the Meaning of the Parable of the Ten Virgins?”

Section 22-11 “An Explanation for the Parable of the Entrusted Talents”

Points to Ponder “What Shall Be the Sign of Thy Coming?”

Section 22-12 “What Is the Key, the Sure Word of Prophecy, That Will Help Us Understand the Signs of the Times?”

Section 22-13 “How May You Always Be Prepared?”

Section 22-14 “What Are the Implications of President Lee’s Comment?”


The Ten Virgins (1:41)

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