88. The Sixth Day: Sentenced


Scriptures: Matthew 27:15-38; Mark 15:6-28; Luke 23:13-33; John 18:39,40, 19:1-18


The Life and Teachings of Jesus and the Apostles: Chapter 26: “I Find No Fault in This Man”

Section 26-5 “Why Did Pilate Give In to the Demands of the Jews to Execute Jesus?”

Section 26-6 “Christ before Herod”

Section 26-7 “What Did Pilate Mean When He Washed His Hands before the Jews?”

Section 26-8 “Pilate Sought to Release Him”

Section 26-9 “Derision and Scourging”

Section 26-10 “The Cross”

Section 26-11 “Golgotha, or Calvary”

Section 26-12 “And They Crucified Him”

Section 26-13 “Upon My Vesture Did They Cast Lots”


Jesus Is Condemned Before Pilate (3:14)

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