93. Rumors of Resurrection


Scriptures: Matthew 28:9-15; Mark 16:12,13; Luke 24:13-32


The Life and Teachings of Jesus and the Apostles: Chapter 27: “He Is Risen!”

Section 27-1 “What Was the Soldiers’ Reaction to the Events of the Day of Resurrection?”

Section 27-9 “Why Didn’t the Apostles Believe the Account of Mary Magdalene and the Other Women?”

Section 27-10 “What Attempts Were Made to Discredit the Resurrection?”

Section 27-11 “Why Did the Lord Withhold His Identity When He Appeared to Cleopas and His Companion on the Road to Emmaus?”

Section 27-12 “How Far Was Emmaus from Jerusalem, and Where Was the Village Located?”

Section 27-13 “Though the Sepulchre Was Made Sure, Nothing Could Keep the Savior from Coming Forth”

Section 27-14 “What Acts Incident to the Resurrection of Our Lord Tend to Ennoble and Exalt Mary Magdalene and the Other Faithful Women?”

Section 27-15 “… As You Listened to Inspirational Singing and Sublime Testimonies?”

Section 27-16 “… Has a Teacher of the Gospel Opened to You the Scriptures?”

Section 27-17 “ … As You Received the Light, and Walked in the Light?”

Section 27-18 “… As You Contemplated His Life and Mission, as You Received the Humble and Solemn Witness That He Lives?”

Section 27-19 “Jesus the Christ, Our Savior and Redeemer, Is Risen!”


Christ Appears on the Road to Emmaus (3:33)

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