“The Lord Requireth the Heart and a Willing Mind”

Individuals and Families.

I am required to forgive everyone.

God requires my heart and a willing mind.

Zion shall be “an ensign unto the people.”

“Prepare ye the way of the Lord.”

The Lord knows the thoughts of my heart.


Jesus Christ asks me to forgive others.

I can obey Jesus with my heart and mind.

The Lord knows who I am and loves me.


The Lord wants me to forgive everyone.

The Lord requires my “heart and a willing mind.”

I can help prepare the world to receive Jesus Christ.

Sunday School

We are required to forgive everyone.

The Lord asks for our “heart and a willing mind.”

The kingdom of God on earth prepares the world for the Savior’s return.

“The heart and a willing mind.”

Preparation for the Second Coming.

Doctrine and Covenants 64
Revelation, 11 September 1831

Doctrine and Covenants 65
Revelation, 30 October 1831

Doctrine and Covenants 66
Revelation, 29 October 1831

Isaac Morely and Ezra Booth

“Confound Your Enemies”
Isaac Morley’s Test

William McLellin’s Five Questions

Doctrine and Covenants 66
Doctrine and Covenants 65

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