“The Power of Godliness”

Individuals and Families.

I have access to God’s priesthood power and blessings.

If I receive the Lord and His servants, I will receive all the Father has.

I come unto Christ as I heed His words and hearken to His Spirit.

The Lord will be with me when I am in His service.


The priesthood is the power of God.

I am Jesus’s friend when I follow Him.

Heavenly Father helps His missionaries.


Priesthood ordinances help me prepare to live with Heavenly Father again.

The Lord protects and empowers missionaries.

Sunday School

We all have access to God’s priesthood power and blessings.

The Lord will sustain those who serve Him.

All can receive all that the Father has.

“I Quit Other Business”: Early Missionaries

Jared Carter: “To the East”
Women’s Efforts

General Conference Talks:

Feasting upon the Words of Christ – By Elder Takashi Wada, April 2019 conference

The Power of Godliness – By Elder Kent F. Richards, April 2016 conference

Always Retain a Remission of Your Sins – By Elder David A. Bednar, April 2016

“Let This House Be Built unto My Name” – By Elder David A. Bednar

Men and Women and Priesthood Power – By Elder M. Russell Ballard, BYU Devotional, printed in the Ensign September 2014

Revealed Realities of Mortality – By Elder Paul B. Pieper, BYU Devotional, printed in the Ensign January 2016

The Priesthood Is Restored,” Children’s Songbook, 89;

Jesus Is Our Loving Friend” (Children’s Songbook, 58).